Elektra’s Garden

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Elektra’s Garden is a collection of secular music from many parts of the world, including Spain, France, England, the United States and Canada. The music, much of it recently written, evocatively explores the human experiences of nature and love. Canadian composers Allan Bevan, Eleanor Daley, Allison Girvan, Diane Loomer, and Stephen Smith offer works ranging from new compositions to lyrical texts to exceptional folk song arrangements. The disc also includes two major suites: the delicate and deservedly famous Five Hebrew Love Songs by Eric Whitacre and Historietas del Viento (Stories of the Wind) from Spain’s Alejandro Yagüe (poetry by Lorca), which was written for Elektra. The violinist on the recording is Nancy DiNovo.

Booklet here: Elektra’s Garden

Pieces on this Recording:

  1. Scarborough FairTraditional English Stephen Smith (arr) 
  2. Five Hebrew Love SongsEric Whitacre
  3. To MorningAllan Bevan
  4. Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary’sOtto P. Kelland Diane Loomer (arr) 
  5. KaipaavaTraditional Finnish Wurorela and Chydenius (arr) 
  6. Historietas del VientoAlejandro Yague
  7. Harp of WildAllan Bevan
  8. Les AngélusClaude Debussy Clytus Gottwald (arr) 
  9. Lake Isle of Innisfree, TheEleanor Daley
  10. V’la l’bon ventTraditional French Canadian Allison Girvan (arr) 
  11. Love Went a-RidingFrank Bridge Stephen Smith (arr) 
  12. Here’s to SongAllister MacGillivray Diane Loomer (arr) 
  13. Que doncella se casa con el viento? (from Historietas del Viento)Alejandro Yague