Your One and Only Life: The Choral Music of Stephen Smith

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Date: July 19, 2014

Saturday, March 5, 2016
7:30pm – Ryerson United Church (2195 W. 45th Avenue, Vancouver)

Sunday, March 6, 2016
3:00pm – Ryerson United Church (2195 W. 45th Avenue, Vancouver)

On March 5 and 6, 2016, we celebrate the choral music of one of Vancouver’s best-loved pianists and composers, our own accompanist Dr. Stephen Smith. Your One and Only Life (named for a song by Nova Scotia’s Susan Crowe) see Elektra together with The Vancouver Men’s Chorus and the director Willi Zwozdesky. Familiar songs, stunning compositions, and a world premiere are on the program as both choirs celebrate the arrangements and original compositions of our treasured colleague.

View the concert program for Your One and Only Life: The Choral Music of Stephen Smith in pdf format: Your One and Only Life program


$30 – Regular
$25 – Senior
$15 – Student (with valid ID)


8 thoughts on “Your One and Only Life: The Choral Music of Stephen Smith

  1. Ros Best

    Tonight I was fed. Actually, I feasted. Stephen, Morna, Elektra and the Vancouver Men’s Chorus, you gave me perhaps the best concert I have ever heard.

    I loved the lyrics. They spoke so powerfully to everything I think about and ache for at times. I feel reassured in the risks I’ve taken, “this is my one and only life, what will I do?” I feel seen, “Sometimes the dark’s so dark, nothing can move through it…but music does, and voices”. Yup. And such a marvellous composition Pity Me Not, with flowing arrangement that perfectly describes life’s experience. Receiving treatment for cancer right now, the whole concert spoke to me, of the fun and the serious and the heart of being alive. The music was superlative.

    My friend commented that she absolutely loves how Elektra knows to express the niente of silence (pppp), and we revelled together in the astonishing flow of the piano.

    Such a feast. Thank you so much. I came away filled.

    1. Marketing Post author

      Thank you for your lovely comment! So glad you could make it to both concerts!

  2. Bill McFarlane

    Vancouver Men’s Chorus Director Willi Zwozdesky told the audience it was hearing “one of if not the best Vancouver Choral Concert of the season ,”and you know by the time the choirs sang the last number we knew he was right. “Your One and Only Life -The Choral Music of Stephen Smith” presented by Elektra Women’s Choir featuring guest artists – The Vancouver Men’s Chorus directed by Willi Zwozdesky was an amazing experience of poetry set to music. Doctor Steven Smith is resident accompanist for both these wonderful choirs. Elektra musical director Morna Edmundson led the well prepared women’s choir through the first section of Stephen Smith’s incredible compositions and arrangements for women’s choir. All the SSAA selections were beautifully written to compliment extremely evocative and thought provoking lyrics and also to best showcase women’s voices. I thought “Pity Me Not” – a world premiere performance commissioned by Elektra and Ros Best and set to “Sonnet 29” by Edna St. Vincent Millay to commemorate composer Smith’s 50th birthday, was an exceptional standout. The second half of the program featured The Vancouver Men’s Chorus, with acclaimed conductor Willi Zwozdesky directing a set showcasing the choir’s great range and musical diversity. Compositions from the sublime “Sonnet” with words by Elizabeth Bishop and accompanied by a string quartet to arrangements like the dazzlingly silly Diamonds are a Material Girl’s Best friend captivated and wowed the almost capacity Sunday matinee crowd. Both choirs returned to the stage for a stirring finale featuring Smiths SATB Arrangement of Jimmy Rankin’s “Fare Thee Well, Love” and a reprise of “Your One and Only Life”. Each choir is amazing on it’s own, but put them together and the effect is …well ELEKTRA-FYING. Cheers and Congratulations on what was one of the most entertaining and seriously brilliant Choral Concerts I have had the pleasure of attending.

    1. Marketing Post author

      What a great compliment – thanks for coming and we hope to see you again!

  3. Mary DeLassus

    What a beautiful concert. The music was transcending, the voices majestic, and so many of the lyrics spoke to me. Other than amazing, I have only one other comment. It seemed there was a lot of changing places in the front row with one particular member of the women’s choir and we found that somewhat distracting. We were invited to this concert by some friends and I can never thank them enough for introducing us to Elektra. We live in Washington, but will definitely be making more trips to Vancouver to enjoy the wonderful sounds. Thank you.

    1. Marketing Post author

      Thanks for your comments, Mary! It’s great to have you on board as an audience member… all the way from the States (-:

  4. Rudiger Krause

    I loved the concert. I had heard some of Stephen Smith’s compositions before but, quite frankly, wondered how a whole evening devoted to his music might go over. I was surprised by the range: tender, edgy, humorous, profound, majestic, joyous. Way to go! and thank you.


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