Girls Sing

Next offered: Spring 2017
Deadline to apply: Now Closed

Elektra is thrilled to be welcoming York House School Choir to their Girl Sing program this spring. 

Girls Sing is open to one choir in the 16/17 season, and it’s all about encouragement, sharing, and a hands-on experience.  The choir will get:

  • A free set of scores for your choir of a piece of music for women’s choir – chosen by you together with Elektra’s Artistic Director Morna Edmundson
  • Two visits to your rehearsals by Morna as you learn the new piece for your own performance
  • Tickets for up to 30 students and you to hear Elektra’s May 2017 concert at Ryerson United Church (tickets normally cost $15 per student and $30 for adults).

The selected choir can be at any stage in its development – we’ll meet you where you are!  The dream is that your students will hear Elektra perform in concert the same piece of music that Morna has brought to rehearsal and worked on with the girls.  If that’s not possible, we will still find music that’s new to you that you and your girls will love.

For more information, please contact or phone 604-739-1255.