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  1. Away from the Roll of the Sea Canadian CompositionAllister MacGillivray Diane Loomer (arr) 
  2. Barbara AllenTraditional English Jonathan Willcocks (arr) 
  3. Be Still and Consider Canadian CompositionLarry Nickel
  4. Be We Merry in this FeastWilliam Mathias
  5. Beatus VirCharles Griffin
  6. Begone Dull CareBenjamin Britten
  7. Beneath Her Heart Canadian CompositionRita Costanzi
  8. Benigne Fac DomineJohann Adolf Hasse
  9. Bike Let Loose, TheEdie Hill
  10. Bottle of the Best, A Canadian CompositionTraditional English Stephen Hatfield (arr) 
  11. BreadbakingBéla Bartók
  12. Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella! Canadian CompositionTraditional French Sarah Jaysmith (arr) 
  13. Bring Me Little Water, SilvyHuddie William Ledbetter Moira Smiley (arr) 
  14. Byla CestaTraditional Moravian Lily Storm (arr) 
  15. Cantate Domino Canadian CompositionRupert Lang
  16. Cantate Domino Canadian CompositionImant Raminsh
  17. Cantemus Omnes DominiGiacomo Carissimi
  18. Canticle of MaryLibby Larsen
  19. Cantus MarianusJavier Busto
  20. Carol for the Animals Canadian CompositionPatrick Wedd
  21. Carol Trilogy for women’s choir and piano Canadian Composition Laura Hawley (arr) 
  22. Cedit, HyemsAbbie Betinis
  23. Celebremus! Canadian CompositionRamona Luengen
  24. Ceremony of Carols, ABenjamin Britten
  25. Changed Forever Canadian CompositionShari Ulrich Kate MacColl (arr) 
  26. ChonkinaTraditional Japanese Ko Matsushita (arr) 
  27. Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda: Third GroupGustav Holst
  28. Christ Child Lay in Mary’s Lap, TheEdith Boroff
  29. Christ's NativityMalcolm Archer
  30. Christmas CantataDaniel Pinkham
  31. Christmas Fantasia on Étude in F Major (op 10, no. 8) Canadian CompositionFrédéric Chopin Stephen Smith (arr) 
  32. Christmas IntradaDavid Conte
  33. Christmas is ComingTraditional English Lana Walter (arr) 
  34. Christmas Lullaby, A Canadian CompositionStephen Chatman
  35. Christmas Reverie Canadian CompositionDon Macdonald
  36. Christmas Theme and VariationsAnn Kapp Anderson
  37. Circle Game, The Canadian CompositionJoni Mitchell Kate MacColl (arr) 
  38. Come dolce hoggi l'aurettaClaudio Monteverdi
  39. Comic Duet for Two CatsGioachino Rossini
  40. Concierto di NavidadPaul Csonka

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