Child of Grace

A collection of Christmas music from the 15th century to today, Child of Grace includes nine outstanding pieces by some of Canada’s best living composers. The program features a haunting setting by Knut Nystedt of Mary’s Song, a poem by Luci Shaw; beautiful a cappella singing in Adam Lay Ybounden; two arrangements of I Sing of A Maiden; and dramatic arrangements of traditional Christmas favourites like The Virgin Mary, The Huron Carol, and I Saw Three Ships. The featured work is Derek Holman’s energetic suite, Sir Christëmas. With special guests Rita Costanzi, harp; Sal Ferreras, percussion; Eric Hominick, piano; Cyrena Huang, cello; Marliss MacAuley, flute; and Stephen Smith, piano.

“…a stunningly lovely collection of beautiful, little-known carols and Christmas songs… Each song is a gem!”

Booklet: Child of Grace

1. Adam Lay Ybounden
2. O My Dear Heart
3. Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day
4. What Sweeter Music
5. Carol for the Animals
6. I Sing of a Maiden
7. Mary’s Song
8. I Sing of a Maiden
9. How Far is it to Bethlehem?
10. In the Bleak Midwinter
11. Sir Christëmas: Proface, welcome!
12. Sir Christëmas: Sir Christëmas
13. Sir Christëmas: The Wassail
14. Sir Christëmas: Omnes gentes plaudite
15. Sir Christëmas: Here comes holly
16. Sir Christëmas: Ivy, chief of trees
17. Sir Christëmas: Nay, ivy, nay
18. Sir Christëmas: Now have good day!
19. The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy
20. The Huron Carol
21. I Saw Three Ships

Matthew Larkin *
Eleanor Daley *
Malcolm V. Edwards *
Eleanor Daley *
Patrick Wedd *
Eleanor Daley *
Knut Nystedt
Patrick Hadley
trad. Enlgish, arr. David Wilcocks
Frances McCollin
Derek Holman *
Derek Holman *
Derek Holman *
Derek Holman *
Derek Holman *
Derek Holman *
Derek Holman *
Derek Holman *
trad. Trinidadian, arr. Stephen Hatfield *
trad. Canadian, arr. Edward Henderson *
trad. English, arr. Edward Henderson *

* Canadian tracks Canadian Composition