Links from “Forward Thinking” Participants

Links provided by “Forward Thinking: Women’s Choir Conversations” participants

Session #25 – A Piece of Music the Audience Couldn’t Stop Talking About

Session #20 – Singer Auditions and Re-Auditions
(from Janwin Overstreet-Goode and Neena Taylor, guidelines) Casulana Auditions Forward Thinking
(from Morna Edmundson, a link to Elektra’s audition info)
(from Janwin Overstreet-Goode and Neena Taylor, a Google form for auditioners to complete)

Session #18 – Singing with Masks / Christmas/Holiday Programming 2020
(from Jackie Hawley)  A-Vocalist-Guide-to-Singing-with-a-Mask
(from Janwin Overstreet-Goode) from the Kansas Voice Centre re: singing with masks:
(from all participants) Links to Christmas/Holiday programming 2020:
(from Laura Hawley) a reminder of the opportunity to join this commissioning project, Sonic Timelapse:

Session #15 – Reflecting the Diversity of our Communities in Our Membership
(from Dori Baunsgard) Diversity in Choral groups – Baunsgard
(from Melinda Imthurn) TWCD DEI summary

Session #12 – Andrea Ramsay’s “A Suffrage Cantata”
(from Iris Levine)

Session #11 – Creating Community Online

(ideas here from Janet Brenneman, Jackie Hawley, Laura Hawley, and Melinda Imthurn)
October 5 Participant Ideas Creating Community Online

Session #10 – New Ways for Choirs to Collaborate Meaningfully

(from Laura Hawley) COVID-related co-commissioning project Sonic Timelapse

Session #9 – Unexpected Positives: Share Your Inspiring Stories

(from Elizabeth Beam) free voice care sessions Sept 23 and October 14

Session #8 – Helping Our Singers Maintain Their Vocal Technique

(from Janet Brenneman)
Victoria Meredith book, “Sing Better as You Age”

(from Marian Dolan)
Here’s the link to the article on ChoralNet – “Leading Voices: Teaching Singing while Wearing a Mask” –

(from Cricket Handler)

(from Jackie Hawley)
I took the Voice Care Network course a couple of times and it was fantastic! Unlike anything else I have taken. One of the resources they had for us was a voice conditioning CD for keeping voices healthy over the summer.  I use mine regularly and find it very effective!  I highly recommend this CD and the course (when it runs again!)   Link to purchase and download tracks:

(from Jessica Woodman)


Session #7 – Small Group In-Person Rehearsals

(from Elise Naccarato)
Myriad COVID Pilot Rehearsal Doc
PILOT rehearsal take aways

(from Morna, a working doc compiled by 2 Vancouver area conductors and reviewed by the BC Centre for Disease Control)

(from Dori Baunsgard)      Vacuum company in Portland. OR that is making masks.  These are recommended  by Ethan Sperry, choral director at Portland State Univ.  12.95 USD each. And from Phillip Swan in response: I have the Starks Vacuum masks (for myself).  They are OK (a bit of fogging trouble).  I LOVE my mask.  It’s not cheap, but it seems to offer N95 capabilities (insertable filter).  Cantala and LU choirs are using the Resonance Mask.

(from Laura Hawley re: app for adding a feed from a second device to a Zoom rehearsal) 
EpocCam (about $10). Here is the computer component:


Session #6 – September 1, 2020 Goal-Setting in COVID Times

(from Wendy Bloom)

(from Robin Norman)
(re: plug and play microphone)


Session #5 – August 25, 2020 – Non-Singing Online Rehearsal Activities 

(from Dori Baunsgard)

(from Cricket Handler)

(from Jackie Hawley) (visual artist at online rehearsals)

(from Laura Hawley)  (funding levels will be up soon)


Session #4 – August 18, 2020 – Technology for Online Rehearsals 

(from Janwin Overstreet-Goode.  Please note that “resource” is singular and not plural.)

(from Cody Obst)

Audio Links:
Audio Interface, Focusrite
When choosing a microphone
Podcastage YouTube Channel:
A great podcast all about gear, especially microphones.  A very helpful resource when trying to decide which one to buy.
Audio Recording Software:
Reaper Tutorials
A YouTube channel with tutorial videos on how to use the software, from beginner to advanced.
Video Software:
OBS Broadcasting Software
Plug-ins for OBS
Virtual Cam:
Allows you to use the video from OBS into Zoom or other similar software.
Touch Portal:
Use this application in conjunction with your phone or tablet to set up remote control buttons that are shortcuts to different video options in OBS.  This is especially helpful when you have multiple cameras or angles setup in OBS
(from Janet Brenneman) an app that turns your iPhone into a live microphone with a bluetooth or wired speaker system


Session #3 – August 11, 2020 – Effective Zoom Rehearsal Techniques(from Dori Baunsgard on equipment needed for online rehearsals) Jackie Hawley – singing activities) Janet Kidd re: structure of rehearsals) Session #2 – August 4, 2020 – Simple Repertoire for Online Learning(from Therees Hibbard) – We looked briefly at a few pieces in this collection during the session
Justice Choir Songbook(from Heather Johnson) – this is one of the pieces that was presented in the session
Norwegian Trilogy(from Rachel Rensink-Hoff)
Justice Songbook repertoire
Trilo arr. Christi Elsner – MusicSpoke
Jerusalem by Michael McGlynn
Deep Peace, Healing Light by Leonard Enns
Alleluia SuperRound by Albright
Bog daj dobro večer arr. Damijan Mocnik
O Sister by Kathleen Allen [This one has a great back story, written for a prison choir and university choir – Morna]
Silent Noon by Vaughan Williams
O Love by Elaine Hagenberg 

(from Lori Tennehouse) – this is one of the pieces that was presented in the session
Never One Thing  Here is a piece that is light piece—easy to learn from a local Grand Rapids songwriter, May Erlewine.  Inspired by the Walt Whitman verse “I am large, I contain multitudes”, it is an anthem for anyone who has ever felt parts of themselves disowned or ostracized (this comes from the composer notes).

(from Morna)
An die Musik (unison)
Bring Me Little Water, Silvy
Domnulet si domn din cer (Christmas)
The Earth Adorned (Sommarpsalm)
Frobisher Bay
Hallelu! (Christmas)
Inclina Domine
The Little Horses
Liebst du um Schönheit (unison)
A New Year Carol
Night of Silence (Christmas)
O Magnum Mysterium (Christmas)
The Parting Glass
Prayer for Peace (unison)
One Voice
Romance in Waltz Time (Christmas, partner song)
She’s Like the Swallow
Le sommeil de l’enfant (Christmas)
Still, Still, Still (Christmas)
Vem Kan Segla Forütan Wind?
also, this arrived, which looks to have some good things, although not all treble:


Session #1 – July 28, 2020 – Ideas for These Sessions

(Janwin Overstreet-Goode) This Sunday, August 2: Pennsylvania ACDA summer webinar on Socially Distant Choirs; click on the link for the webinar (found on the right under the calendar) and watch at that time:

(Jackie Hawley) Composer Laura Hawley’s Carol Trilogy and Chelsea Morning written for Elektra:

(Elise Naccarato) A women’s choir forum.  [Does anyone have experience with this? – Morna];area=regcenter;c94d9bb=ba5835b9444e24a505b646e8018e5432

(Elise Naccarato) – Has done some experimenting with distanced rehearsals on a lawn and can share pdfs of the documents she used with her board and singers to prepare for the experiment.  I’m not posting anything except links here, so you’ll want to email her directly.