Elektra salutes O Canada gender neutral lyrics!

On Tuesday, January 30, the Canadian Senate passed a bill which approved a change to  Canada’s National Anthem to reflect more inclusive, gender-neutral language. From this point on, we will now sing ‘in all of us command’ rather than the dated language of ‘in all thy sons command’. Elektra was proud to be part of the campaign to spearhead this important shift, and congratulates all those who led the way. In particular, we thank Senator Nancy Ruth – long time friend and supporter of Elektra – who first introduced the Bill to the Federal Government ten years ago, at which point it was not ratified. She and others did not give up, and we are grateful for their tenacity! We believe that this recent decision makes the point that language is important, and should reflect our core values as individuals and as a national community. To watch Elektra’s recording of the new language, originally filmed by the ‘Sing All Of Us’ campaign, visit here!