Application for Mira Youth Mentorship

Applications are not being received at this time due to COVID-19. Please check here for updated information regarding intake for 2021 programme.

How to apply to Mira

Please make sure all three parts of the application reach the Elektra’s office by December 10, 2019. Applications are held in strict confidence.

Part 1: Ask your school music teacher or other adult musician to email ( a recommendation as to your suitability to participate in Mira. There is no form for your teacher’s recommendation. A simple email of two or three sentences will suffice. He/she may write about all applicants from your school in one email or each separately. Teacher recommendation is an essential part of the application.

Part 2: Audio or video record yourself singing. If audio, please attach the files in an email to If video, please post the files to YouTube, and send us the link(s). They can be public or private. Note that the recording requirements are the same as for the BCMEA Honour Concert Choir, so you may send a recording of yourself previously prepared for that application.

Part 3: Is the form at the bottom of this page.  Please gather all the information you need before starting to fill out the form.  It is not possible to save your work and return later to finish and submit.  You will receive a confirmation message when your form has been successfully submitted.

Here’s what to record for Part 2:

a. Sing O Canada, unaccompanied, in any comfortable key. You must state the key before starting (e.g. “I will sing in the key of Eb major.”)

b. Sing the exercise below, beginning on your lowest note, ascending by semitones to your highest note. You must state your beginning and ending notes after completing the exercise. (e.g; “I started on G below middle C and ended on C, two octaves above middle C”.)

singing exercise

c. Using “la”, sing a one-octave ascending and descending chromatic scale beginning on a note of your choice. You must state your beginning/ending note after completing the exercise.


Part 3 Online Application Form

Even if you have auditioned in person with Morna Edmundson at your school, your application is not complete unless you submit all the information in this form by December 10.

(S1, S2, A1, A2; if more than one, list in the order you prefer)
(150 words max)
(enter up to 3 urls on separate lines, or answer the next question)