Pieces: B

  1. Barbara Allen Traditional English Jonathan Willcocks (arr) 
  2. Be Still and Consider Canadian Work Larry Nickel
  3. Be We Merry in this Feast William Mathias
  4. Beatus Vir Charles Griffin
  5. Begone Dull Care Benjamin Britten
  6. Beneath Her Heart Canadian Work Rita Costanzi
  7. Benigne Fac Domine Johann Adolf Hasse
  8. Bike Let Loose, The Edie Hill
  9. Birds’ Lullaby, The Canadian Work Timothy Corlis
  10. Birds’ Lullaby, The Canadian Work Katerina Gimon
  11. Blessing of Cranes, A Abbie Betinis
  12. Blinded by a Leafy Crown Canadian Work Marie-Claire Saindon
  13. Bottle of the Best, A Canadian Work Traditional English Stephen Hatfield (arr) 
  14. Breadbaking Béla Bartók
  15. Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella! Canadian Work Traditional French Sarah Jaysmith (arr) 
  16. Bring Me Little Water, Silvy Huddie William Ledbetter Moira Smiley (arr) 
  17. Byla Cesta Traditional Moravian Lily Storm (arr) 
  18. La belle se promène Canadian Work Meghan Quinlan (arr) 

Canadian Work Legend Canadian Work