Pieces: T

  1. Snewíyalh tl’a Staḵw (Teachings of the Water) Canadian Work T. Patrick Carrabré
  2. Take Up the Song Ron Jeffers
  3. Tan Ta Ra Cries Mars Thomas Weelkes
  4. Tantum Ergo Franz Liszt
  5. Tapestry Sherilyn Fritz
  6. Teasing song Béla Bartók
  7. Tenebrae Factae Sunt Canadian Work Ramona Luengen
  8. Terre-Neuve (Newfoundland) Canadian Work Marie-Claire Saindon
  9. There is a Balm in Gilead Traditional Spiritual William Dawson (arr) 
  10. There is no Rose Carl Davis
  11. There is No Rose Canadian Work Don Macdonald
  12. There was a Pig Went out to Dig Traditional English Percy Grainger (arr) 
  13. Thou Shalt Know Him Canadian Work Mark Sirett
  14. Though Philomela Lost Her Love Thomas Morley
  15. Three in White: A Suite of Songs about Snow Canadian Work Various Stephen Smith (arr) 
  16. Three Songs from The Enchanted Forest Canadian Work R. Murray Schafer
  17. Three Ways to Vacuum Your House – II Canadian Work Stephen Hatfield
  18. Three Zulu Songs Canadian Work Malcolm Forsyth
  19. Time of Christëmas, The Canadian Work Stephen Smith
  20. To Every Thing There is a Season Canadian Work Ramona Luengen
  21. To Morning Canadian Work Allan Bevan
  22. To the Ploughboy Traditional English Ralph Vaughan Williams (arr) 
  23. To Timarion Canadian Work Sheldon Rose
  24. Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day Traditional English John Rutter (arr) 
  25. Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day Canadian Work Malcolm V. Edwards
  26. Tota Pulchra Es Maurice Duruflé
  27. Tout d’travers Canadian Work Traditional French Canadian Marie-Claire Saindon (arr) 
  28. Trinque l’amourette Canadian Work Traditional French Canadian Guy Isabelle (arr) 
  29. Triolett, op. 114, no. 2 Robert Schumann
  30. Tu dulcis, O bone Jesu Chiara Margareta Cozzolani
  31. Tu Es Vytautas Miskinis
  32. Tundra Ola Gjeilo
  33. Turlutte acadienne montréalaise Canadian Work Marie-Claire Saindon
  34. Two Eastern Pictures Gustav Holst
  35. Two Gaelic Songs Canadian Work Traditional Scottish Stephen Smith (arr) 
  36. Two Shakespeare Songs Canadian Work Stephen Smith
  37. Tximeletak Eva Ugalde
  38. Tyrle, Tyrlow Canadian Work Healey Willan
  39. Tyrley, Tyrlow Canadian Work Mark Sirett

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