He Hath Entered the Heaven

  • Composer: John Tavener 
  • Publisher: Chester Music
  • Canadian Work: No
  • Duration: 5:50
  • Sample Track:


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O Blessyd Jhesu, helpe me! O Blessyd Lady, socoure me! (The last recorded words of Lady Margaret Beaufort) He hath entered the Heven to appere before the vysage of His Fader for us. [Eleison me] To shew the wounds which he did suffer, for the delyverance of us from syn. [Eleison me] Therefore put we aside all wepynge and teeres, and be not sad, Ne hevy as men withoten hope, but rather be gladde and joyous, and eche of us herein comfort other, Always praysynge and magnyfyenge the name of our Lorde, to whom be Laude and honore enlessly. [Eleison me] (Words taken from St. John Fisher’s sermon preached in memory of Lady Margaret Beaufort)