Program Notes:

Kathleen Allan’s exuberant work is on poetry of Sara Teasdale – describing loving with complete abandon and joy. “I am wild, I will sing to the trees…”

Conductor Notes:

Joy was commissioned with the assistance of the Diane Loomer Commissioning Fund for Elektra Women’s Choir and a generous gift from Kate MacColl.

Kathleen composed this work for Elektra in our 25th Anniversary season. I was looking for something upbeat and energetic with piano. Joy was the result, for SSAA choir and piano. Choir and audiences really enjoyed this work. The tessitura for sop 1 is fairly high, done purposefully by Kathleen to exude the energy of the text. Lots of rhythmic challenges between the choir and piano, mostly difficult due to the performance tempo. Once we had it down, we performed this many times and it always gave a program a sparkle and lift.


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