Love as a Child

Program Notes:

Choral Music in the Twentieth Century says that Portland-based Kyr “…envisioned choral music as an intrinsic part of international peacemaking. At the end of the [twentieth] century, he wrote that ‘by performing and hearing music from around the world, [one is] taking an active part in promoting understanding’ and, ultimately, peace [among] the diverse peoples of humankind. As a communal art, choral music is an especially moving way to experience the unity of all people; it has the power to bring us together as peoples of all races, ethnicities, and nationalities.” Kyr and New York musician Laurie Monahan, who first performed the work, together adapted the well-known verses from 1 Corinthians 13 into this personal tribute to the parent/child bond.

Conductor Notes:

SSA a cappella with major solo (mezzo range). An expressive soloist is a must for this challenging, rhythmically fluid work by Oregon-based composer Robert Kyr. The choir parts are largely homophonic, changing to vocalise under the soloist in alternating sections. I added bar lines to extended, unmeasured sections to make it easier for a large choir to deliver good word stress. The text is by Laurie Monahan, adapted by Robert Kyr, an adaptation of Corinthians 13.


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