O Jesus, Sweet Child (O Jesulein Zart)

Conductor Notes:

For SSAA a cappella, this crystalline arrangement of the traditional German carol “O Jesulein Zart” dances in its 5/4 metre in a style reminiscent of Rajaton’s arrangements. The alto 2 line is very low, to the point where, with some creative switching of lines, this arrangement could be done quite comfortably by a mixed-voice youth choir. Be sure to listen to Winnie’s female ensemble from Berlin, Niniwe, perform this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQNhtJbnchQ. Although this is published in a Christmas compilation of Winnie’s arrangements, through the publisher I was able to purchase the rights to make my own copies of just this one piece (and her Silent Night). Note that both German and English versions are available.


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