Quelle est cette odeur agreable?

Program Notes:

Vancouver musician Paul Nash first wrote this haunting arrangement of a famous French carol for mixed voices, a work now sung in Canada, the United States, and Europe. He wrote the treble version, receiving its world premiere today, especially for Elektra.

Conductor Notes:

Longtime friend of Elektra, Vancouver-based singer and arranger Paul Nash rewrote his excellent SATB arrangement of this beloved carol at my request for our annual Christmas concert in 2011. I was careful to adjust the divisi from 3 to 4-part as needed to ensure the balance felt right. There is a charming soprano solo in the opening verse.


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What is this lovely fragrance?

Shepherds, what is it that stirs our senses so,

Borne aloft, unlike any other,

With the breath of spring flowers?

What is this brilliant light

That pierces the darkness?

Never has the noonday sun

Shone so radiantly.

In Bethlehem, in a manger,

to you has been born a Saviour.

Go forth. Let nothing hinder,

that you may worship Him.

translation by Paul Nash