Springtime Mantleth Ev'ry Bough

Program Notes:

Renaissance lovers eagerly awaited springtime, when the leaves on the trees would give them more privacy from nosy neighbours. Shepherds and shepherdesses were the romanticized subject of many poems and madrigals like this one first sung in the 16th century.

Conductor Notes:

SSA a cappella. Originally voiced for SAB, I simply transposed this from D major to F major and it worked well for women. Up tempo, strophic, and flirty. Up tempo, strophic, and flirty. I’d be happy to email you the transposed score.


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Springtime mantleth ev’ry bough,

and bowers make for shepherd’s sport.

Birds and beasts are of consort.

Fa, la, la…

Our hearts in true love we do vow

Unto that fairy shepherds’ maid.

We with true love are repaid.

Fa, la, la