Un Canadien Errant


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Un Canadien errant, banni de ses foyers,

Parcourait en pleurant des pays étrangers.

Un jour, tiste et pesif, assis u bord des flots,

Au courant fugitif il addressa ces mots:

“Si tu vois mon pays, mon pays malheureux,

Va, dis à mes amis que je me souviens d’eux.

Non mais en expirant, O mon cher Canada!

Mon regard languissant vers toi se portera…”


A wandering Canadian, banished from his country,

travelled, while mourning, in foreign lands.

One day, sad and pensive, sitting on a riverbank,

he addressed these words to the passing waters:

“If you see my country, my unfortunate country,

go and tell my freinds that I remember them.

And that even as I die, my dearest Canada,

I shall forever long to see you again.”–