Elektra launches Youtube series ‘The Elektra Sound’!

Posted by: Rachel Lowry
Date: September 19, 2014

I’m thrilled to be launching The Elektra Sound series for choral conductors. It’s an idea I had last year when I realized that YouTube is now the place to get help learning everything – from pruning your roses (done it), to solving a Rubik’s cube (done it) to tiling a bathroom floor (done it) and everything else.

So when I started thinking about how I answer conductors who say “how do you get Elektra to sound like – well – Elektra?”, I realized YouTube is the perfect vehicle for me to share some insights.

We have many singers in the choir who weren’t born when we started 27 years ago, and yet Elektra sounds like Elektra… All of us who teach know that explaining things to others helps us formulate our thoughts and opinions, so even deciding what key issues should be included in the series was intriguing and fun for me. In the end we have seven episodes: Warmups, Tessitura, Dynamics, Repertoire That Develops Tone, Word Stress, Divisi, and How to Prepare Your Choir to Sing Holst’s The Planets. And all the featured repertoire is by Canadian composers we know and love.

Big thanks to Phil Jack, our videographer, who filmed me and the choir and put it all together. Do let me know what you think – push back on the ideas – let’s talk!

Elektra Sound Screenshot

The first in the series can be found on YouTube here!

Morna Edmundson