Four Choirs – One Delightful Evening September 19th

For eight decades, classical music aficionados have been coming to hear outstanding classical music at Ryerson United Church in Vancouver’s Kerrisdale neighbourhood.  The church is looking to the future – embarking on improvements that will serve Elektra and other choirs, chamber music and more in new and revitalized spaces.  “It’s a dream come true to be invited to be part of this conversation with Ryerson, to be asked what physical attributes a renovated Ryerson can have that will allow community-based choral music and our audiences to thrive there for generations to come,” says Morna Edmundson. If you’ve enjoyed music in Ryerson over the years, show your support by attending ReSounding Ryerson on Saturday, September 19th at 7 pm, a fundraising concert directly benefiting a new umbrella choral society and in support of Ryerson’s mission of Enriching Lives Through Faith, Community, and the Arts. Hear Elektra Women’s Choir, EnChor, the Ryerson Church Choir, and the Vancouver Bach Children’s Chorus in this superb acoustic as they sing in celebration of Ryerson’s bright future.

All tickets $35 (inclusive of tax & fees) | 604.684.2787, opt 2 (I’ll include a live link to the TT page)

Information 604.266.5377

Proudly sponsored by the Georgia Straight.