30th Anniversary Concert

8:00 pm March 8th, 2017 at Chan Centre for the Performing Arts

Warmest welcome to Elektra Women’s Choir’s 30th Anniversary Gala concert. We are thrilled to share our music and the artistry of our guest artists, particularly that of the incomparable soprano Isabel Bayrakdarian.

Elektra’s mandate is to inspire and lead in the choral art form through excellence in performance and the creation, exploration, and celebration of women’s repertoire. Since 1987, we have been part of a global surge in interest in women’s choral singing.  Through this work, we have been fortunate to have forged strong bonds of friendship with conductors and choirs from around the world who share our vision of a higher level of artistry and recognition for women’s choirs. Together, we have changed and continue to change the landscape.

Tonight’s repertoire has roots in and references to the ancient and modern cultures of Greece, Armenia, Persia, and Lebanon, inspired by the suite of Armenian hymns spanning 1400 years that you will hear in the first half of the program. Our opening and closing works are world premieres. As the concert progresses, I encourage you to follow the notes and translations in this program.  When you get home, if you haven’t discovered it already, I encourage you to read the Listener’s Guide on the 30th Anniversary Gala Concert page of elektra.ca.

A choir does not arrive at a 30th Anniversary celebration without the sustained hard work and commitment of many skilled and passionate people. My deepest thanks go to every one of the Elektra singers past and present, to our board members, staff members, volunteers, and generous supporters including individuals and governments.  Your trust sustains this vision and makes the music possible.

Elektra-30thGala Program

Performance Pieces:

  1. To Timarion Canadian Work Sheldon Rose
  2. Nigra Sum Bernat Vivancos
  3. Mother of Light – Armenian hymns and chants in praise of Mary Canadian Work Serouj Kradjian (arr) 
  4. From Behind the Caravan: Songs of Hâfez Abbie Betinis
  5. Prayer Canadian Work Serouj Kradjian

Canadian Work Legend Canadian Work