Collection Listing

A Cappella Works

All pieces from the database that are unaccompanied.

All Canadian Works in Catalogue

A listing by title of all works in this catalogue composed or arranged by Canadians.

Christmas Music

Sacred and secular, a cappella and accompanied, commissioned works and traditional arrangements for Advent and Christmas

Composed Before 1970

Works composed or arranged before 1970.  Keeping that great historial repertoire in our minds and voices.

Sacred Music

Sacred repertoire other than Christmas music. There is a separate collection specific to Christmas.

Suitable for Young Voices

These pieces within Elektra’s repertoire have vocal ranges, texts, and technical demands that should be within reach of children’s and younger youth choirs (ages 10 – 16). Check back in the future, too, as this is a new list that will be updated periodically.

Top Canadian Picks

Elektra is delighted to introduce you to some of our favourite Canadian works for women’s choir. Here you will find a fantastic range of music including classical, folk, avant garde, lullaby, Christmas, and sacred. Some pieces are a cappella, some are accompanied. For each piece, we present text, composer’s and conductor’s notes. Thanks to the Vancouver Foundation for their initial funding of this project.

Women Composers

Pieces composed or arranged by women.

Written For Elektra

Over the years many pieces have been written for Elektra Women’s Choir. Some were commissioned by Elektra but others were simply written or arranged with the choir in mind, and given to us as gifts. We’re very grateful to all the creative composers and arrangers who have given us such outstanding repertoire.