Tapestry 2 (2002)

May 4th, 2002 at Metropolitan Tabernacle, Vancouver

Includes works suitable for massed choirs;
NB: Repertoire listed is only Elektra’s solo segment, plus massed choir works.

Accompanist: Eric Hominick;

Guest performers: Chanteuses, Heather Bedford-Clooney, Director; Celebration Singers, Katherine van Kampen, Director; Nota Bene, Alison Nixon, Director; Egret Ladies’ Choir, Cecilia Chueh, Director; Betty McBurney, flute

Performance Pieces:

  1. Pentatonic Alleluia, A Ross Whitney
  2. Lake Isle of Innisfree, The Canadian Composition Eleanor Daley
  3. O Vas Nobile Canadian Composition Susan Evans
  4. Ah, vous dirais-je, Maman Canadian Composition David Scott Lytle
  5. My Heart Soars Canadian Composition Ruth Watson Henderson
  6. Ah, si mon moine voulait danser Canadian Composition Traditional French Canadian Donald Patriquin (arr) 
  7. Set Me as a Seal Richard Nance
  8. She’s Like the Swallow Canadian Composition Traditional Newfoundland Stephen Smith (arr) 
  9. To Morning Canadian Composition Allan Bevan
  10. Tximeletak Eva Ugalde

Canadian Composition Legend Canadian Composition