Avec un avocat

Conductor Notes:

SSA, soprano soloist, and small instrumental ensemble

Elektra’s May 2019 concert featured Acadian/Montreal-based soprano Suzie LeBlanc, and we agreed we would end with a 20-minute set of traditional Acadian songs. Suzie has two CDs of this material with band and without choir, and I knew she would really be able to engage with the audience if the music was completely familiar to her. So we replicated the band as best we could with fiddler David Greenberg and our own Stephen Smith, using the exact key and road map of the CD versions. We then commissioned Marie-Claire to write 3-part choral arrangements that would nest into these structures. The results were very successful.

The other pieces Marie-Claire arranged for this set were En montant la rivière and Tout d’travers, both of which have their own listings on this website.


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