Carol for the Animals

  • Composer: Patrick Wedd 
  • Publisher: Cypress Choral Music
  • Cat No: CP 1011
  • Canadian Work: Yes
  • Duration: 2:54
  • Sample Track:

Conductor Notes:

Commissioned by the Vancouver Bach Children’s Choir, Mr. Wedd sets Alice Carver Cramer’s delightful poem in music that is joyous and full of life. Voicing is SA and piano. Although the rhythm alternates between 6/8, 4/4 and ¾ the mixed meters support the text so well that teaching the carol to a choir does not present rhythmic difficulties. The piano accompaniment does require an accomplished player. The carol, a wonderful addition to any Christmas programme, is also an excellent teaching tool. It allows for lots of expressive singing from “genial” to “boistrous” to “grand and waltzy”; the overall tessitura works for both children’s and women’s choirs, the varied dynamics are precisely defined, and the tune with its mixed meters and clever poetry is great fun to sing. (Note by Diane Loomer)


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Text by Alice Carver Cramer not available for copyright reasons.