Changed Forever

  • Composer: Shari Ulrich 
  • Arranger: Kate MacColl 
  • Canadian Work: Yes
  • Duration: 4:10
  • Sample Track:

Conductor Notes:

This is a new Canadian folk song – the story of an old man now on his own after his wife has passed away. Writes MacColl, a member of Elektra, “Elektra’s members represent virtually every stage of a woman’s life, and I don’t know a single woman who hasn’t experienced at least one thing Shari has written about in this song.” Our altos lobbied Kate to get the melody, making this one of their favourite pieces. The challenges are mostly rhythmic, as the notation carefully mimics the subtle variations of a folk style. I work hard to keep the upper voices in the background, and to unobtrusively add to the tone where they join the melody on words here and there. Throughout, the storytelling quality of this arrangement is what transports listeners every time we sing it.


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