Cradle Song

Program Notes:

Away in a Manger is often one of the very first Christmas carols that Canadian children learn. The words were originally published in 1885 in a Lutheran Sunday school book, creating the misconception that the lyrics were written by Martin Luther himself. In spite of theories surrounding the source of the text, the author is still unknown. The tune called “Cradle Song” used in this arrangement was composed by William J. Kirkpatrick in 1895. Today we share a new arrangement by one of Vancouver’s finest composers, written especially for all of our Chez Nous performers with the assistance of the Diane Loomer Commissioning Fund for Elektra Women’s Choir.

Conductor Notes:

This is an arrangement of the Kirkpatrick melody of “Away in a Manger”, set simply and beautifully for Elektra’s 2010 concerts where we had flute, harp, and organ all available. We also had a guest children’s choir, so Rupert gave them their own role in the first verse of the piece. Not to be outdone, the audience joined the choirs for the last verse. This arrangement was commissioned with the assistance of the Diane Loomer Music Commissioning Fund for Elektra Women’s Choir. If you re interesting in performing this unpublished arrangement, I suggest you contact Rupert Lang directly. Note that there is a separate part for the harpist.


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