Go Where I Send Thee

Program Notes:

This is a traditional African-American spiritual song, as well as a cumulative song. This song is also known as “The Holy Baby” or “Born in Bethlehem.”


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Children go where I send thee! How shall I send thee? I’m gonna send thee one by one. One for the little bitty baby, The baby boy born in Bethlehem. I’m gonna send thee two by two. Two for Paul and Silas. I’m gonna send the six by six. Six for the days when the world was fixed, Five for the bread they did divide, Four for the Gospel writers, Three for the Hebrew children, Two… I’m gonna send thee twelve by twelve. Twelve for the twelve disciples. Eleven of them singin’ in heaven, Ten for the ten commandments, Nine for the angel choirs divine, Eight for the eight the flood couldn’t take, Seven for the day God laid down his head. Six…