Shining Light

Conductor Notes:

A challenging and effective work for SSAA a cappella that requires both soprano 1 and soprano 2 sections to soar effortlessly and to stay in a high range for extended periods. I was tempted to do some switching of vocal lines but in the end didn’t.

Composer / Arranger Notes:

Shimmering and tightly-dissonant chords characterize this a cappella work on a text by the composer. Joanne writes, “In Shining Light I wanted to capture the impression of a profoundly beautiful outer light, such as that of the stars, that reflects back the beauty of the inner light of the soul. I composed Shining Light as a memorial to the late Jennifer Fitzgerald—a dear friend and talented composer—but I hope that it will speak to others who have experienced loss as well.”


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o shining light
o star-shine gold
jewel of the star-hall
heaven’s sparkling gem
shimmering flower of the field of angels celestial fire
luminous, radiant, bright

lux lucens in tenebris loquitur animae stella
[light shining in darkness the star that speaks to the soul]

oh, shine in light o shine

 (text and music by Joanne Metcalfe)