Snow, The

  • Composer: Edward Elgar 
  • Publisher: Novello
  • Canadian Work: No
  • Duration: 5:39
  • Sample Track:


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O snow, which sinks so light, Brown earth is hid from sight, O soul, be thou as white as snow. O snow, which falls so slow, Dear earth quite warm below; O heart, so keep thy glow Beneath the snow. O snow, in thy soft grave, Sad flow’rs the winter brave; O heart, so soothe and save, As does the snow. The snow must melt, must go. Fast as water flow. Not thus, my soul, O sow thy gifts to fade like snow. O snow, thou’rt white no more, Thy sparkling, too, is o’er. O soul, be as before was bright the snow. Then as the snow all pure, O heart be, but endure; Through all the days full sure, Not as the snow.