Vesi Väsyy Lumen Alle

  • Composer: Traditional Finnish 
  • Arranger: Harri Wessman 
  • Publisher: Fazer Musik or Walton Music
  • Canadian Work: No
  • Duration: 4:56
  • Sample Track:


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by Eha Lättemäe

Vesi väsyy lumen alle,
jäiden alle jää lepohon.

Tuulee tuuli, ei torkahda.
Tanssii tuisku tuhatjalka,
pyryn poika pyörähtelee.
Tuulee tuuli, ei torkahda.

Sitä ei kuule kuloruoho,
kuloruoho, kuolonkorsi,
hangen alla ei aavista.

Aikaa on olla uninen,
Aikaa olla luminenkin.


by Kari Turunen

Water grows weary under the snow
it rests under the ice.

The wind blows, it does not sleep.
The flurry dances with a thousand feet.
The son of the flurry dances around.
The wind blows, it does not fall asleep.

It is not heard by the dry grass
The dry grass, the dead stalk
under the snow, it does not (even) suppose
There is time to be sleepy.
Time to be snowy, as well.