Vesy Väsyy Lumen Alle

  • Composer: Traditional Finnish 
  • Arranger: Harri Wessman 
  • Publisher: Fazer Musik
  • Canadian Composition: No
  • Duration: 4:56
  • Sample Track:


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Vesi väsyy lumen alle, Jaiden alle jää lepo hun. Tuulee tuuli, ei torkahda. Tansi tuisku tuhatjalka, Pyryn poika pyörähtelee. Tuulee tuuli, ei torkahda. Sitä ei kuule kuloruoho, kuloruoho, kuolonkorsi, hangen alla ei asvista. Aikaa on olla uninen, Aikaa olla luminenkin.


Water under snow is weary Under ice it stretches sleeping. Winds are blowing, no rest for them. Thousand-footed flakes are dancing And the blizzard boy is whirling. Winds are blowing, no rest for them. But it is silent where the grass lies, Withered grass whose stalks are deathly, Under snowdrifts oblivious. There us time now for slumbering, There is time for snowing as well. (English translation by Keith Bosley)