what i want

Program Notes:

Vancouver composer and Elektra accompanist Stephen Smith wrote this original composition for A Vancouver Women’s Chorus in 1997. Vancouver-born Pat Lowther’s stature as a poet reached its peak in the 60s and 70s, when she was co-chair of the League of Canadian Poets and taught creative writing at UBC. Her personal life, however, was complicated,and weighed down by poverty, unhappiness, and a destructive marriage. In September 1975, at the age of 40, Lowther was murdered by her husband. “what i want”, a simple plea for light and blessing, was one of the poems in a manuscript she was working on at the time of her death.

Conductor Notes:

what i want (lower case letters are correct in this title) is a breathtakingly stunning and life-affirming song – the closest thing to an original pop song that Elektra has ever sung. The poem is by Vancouver poet Pat Lowther. (See the Program Note for details on Lowther and the background to this poem). The music is an original song by Stephen Smith, our accompanist. I find the melody so grateful to sing and to hear that I never get tired of it. Suitable for any skill level of choir, the tessitura and shape of the melody are a wonderful singing experience. Note that this piece is not appropriate for children because of the repeated line “what i want is my love entering my body”. Note that this piece will be published in both the SSAA and SATB by Rhythmic Trident.


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