Voices of the Universe

Program Notes:

We first met Nick and this work at our October 2018 Reading Session of New Compositions, where his inspired skill in choral writing was amply evident. He sets a short excerpt from Walt Whitman’s extended poem, ​Proud Music of the Storm,​ in which the poet extols in energetic, vital words the virtues of all kinds of music, exclaiming that he “…​would take them all.”​ Nick’s new work brims with excitement and adventure. Our thanks to him for a fabulous addition to Canadian repertoire for women’s voices.


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Give me to hold all sounds, (I, madly struggling, cry,)
Fill me with all the voices of the universe,
Endow me with their throbbings—Nature’s also,
The tempests, waters, winds—operas and chants—marches and dances,Utter—pour in—for I would take them all.

from the poem Proud Music of the Storm (excerpt) by Walt Whitman (1819–1892)