And You Go On

May 16th, 2021 at online

This video compilation was launched in the spring of 2021, using existing Elektra recordings from CDs and live concerts with the addition of visuals created by Shannon Lythgoe.  The music was chosen to represent some of the best of what this choir likes to sing. Six of the nine works were written for Elektra. It also features some of the singers sharing what it was like to be in a choir during a pandemic – the challenges that required such tenacity from every member.

View the concert free on YouTube here.

Performance Pieces:

  1. Voices of the Universe Canadian Work Nicholas Ryan Kelly
  2. Your One and Only Life Canadian Work Susan Crowe Stephen Smith (arr) 
  3. Salve Regina Canadian Work Ramona Luengen
  4. Joy Canadian Work Kathleen Allan
  5. Birds’ Lullaby, The Canadian Work Timothy Corlis
  6. It Was a Lover and His Lass Ward Swingle
  7. Away from the Roll of the Sea Canadian Work Allister MacGillivray Diane Loomer (arr) 
  8. Cedit, Hyems (Be Gone, Winter!) Abbie Betinis
  9. Solitude Canadian Work Stephen Smith

Canadian Work Legend Canadian Work