Mira Youth Mentorship

Next Offered: January-March 2024

Deadline: Annually on December 10

Mira Youth Mentorship Program and Application Guidelines 23-24

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Welcome to Mira, a mentoring program for sopranos and altos in their final years of high school. This annual program was established by Elektra Women’s Choir to encourage students to develop their love of choral singing and build their choral skills while providing an opportunity for these talented young women to sing with Vancouver’s own Elektra Women’s Choir.

Why The Name “Mira”?

In 2007, NASA released amazing images of a speeding star that was leaving an enormous trail of “seeds” for new solar systems. The star, named Mira (pronounced MY-rah) after the Latin word for “wonderful,” was shedding material that recycled into new stars, planets and possibly even life as it hurled through our galaxy. Just as this star nourished new life, Elektra hopes that our Mira program will engender a new enthusiasm and lifelong love of choral singing for all its participants.

Over the years more than 150 young singers have participated in this program. The ideal Mira participant:

  • loves choral singing
  • possesses strong musical skills (reads well, sings in tune)
  • is one of the top sopranos or altos in their school/community choir
  • has at least two years choral experience
  • has an ability and willingness to learn their part on their own, with practice tracks or with their teacher’s help

Teachers: If you have any questions, would like Morna to come to the school to conduct in-person auditions, or would like to be on our Mira contact list, please contact Elektra Women’s Choir.

Video featuring Artistic Director, Morna Edmundson, and 2016 Mira Youth Mentorship participant, Maya Lewis.