Tapestry International

Next offered: May 7-9, 20262018

Every three years, Elektra welcomes choirs from around the world to its 3-day Tapestry International Festival. Singing separately and as a massed choir with Elektra, our guest adult treble choirs spend three days together sharing, rehearsing, and giving public performances.

At Tapestry International, each ensemble’s unique voice is heard in a free concert called “Choral Threads”. The “Celebration Concert” in downtown Vancouver features cameos by each choir and a massed-choir finale.

Tapestry International Application and Program Guidelines

After reading the Guidelines document above, follow the link to the choir application form, which will be available here starting October 1, 2024.

Observing Conductors

Up to six individual conductors traveling without a choir may register to be part of Tapestry International 2026 as an Observing Conductor.  Registration is first-come, first-served until all spots have been filled. Please check back in July 2024 for the program guidelines and application form.

To receive notification of future Tapestry International events please contact Elektra Women’s Choir .

Watch a video featuring participants from Tapestry 2018 here.