Choral Canada Podium Conference, NL (3 concerts)

July 2nd, 2018 at St. John's, Newfoundland

Elektra was thrilled to perform at Podium on the Edge, Choral Canada‘s 2018 national, biennial choral conference and concert festival.

The repertoire list below incorporates all three of Elektra’s performances:

July 1: …float… (at Mt. Scio Savoury Farm)
   Rain Makes Its Own Night
   On the Surface of Water (a mixed choir piece for the massed choirs)

On July 1, 2018, Choral Canada presented a daring, expansive, and innovative, 90-minute, multi-disciplinary performance called …float…. Audiences walked in silence along a 1.2 km wooded path at Mount Scio Savoury Farm in St. John’s Newfoundland, where they discovered immersive art installations, live actors, and exquisite choral music highlighting a resource integral to the geography and identity of all of Canada: water.

An interactive website has been created to document this unique project: …float…

July 2: Cameo Concert (at The Rooms)
   Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary’s
    Laulud Laulude Laulust (The Song of Song of Songs)
   Sicut Lilium Inter Spinas

July 2: Equals on the Edge Concert, solo performances by four equal-voice Canadian Choirs: Primus: Amabile Men’s Choir, Sirens, and the Vancouver Men’s Chorus. (Cochrane Centre)
   Primary Colours
   Spring Shall Bloom

Performance Pieces:

  1. Rain Makes Its Own Night Canadian Work Alexina Louie
  2. Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary’s Canadian Work Otto P. Kelland Diane Loomer (arr) 
  3. Laulud Laulude Laulust (The Song of Song of Songs) Tõnu Kõrvits
  4. Sicut Lilium Inter Spinas Anonymous – possibly Eleanora (Leonora) d’Este (1515-1575)
  5. Seikilos Joanne Metcalf
  6. Nocturne Eric Tuan
  7. Fire-Flowers (from the suite Fire-Flowers) Canadian Work Don Macdonald
  8. Primary Colours: Three Canticles for Women’s Choir and Piano Canadian Work Kathleen Allan
  9. Spring Shall Bloom Susan LaBarr

Canadian Work Legend Canadian Work