Canon Coronato à 3

Conductor Notes:

A 3-part round in Italian. Ranges are comfortable for all voice types. Although it can be sung a cappella, we had continuo and a violinist playing an obbligato written by Alexander Weimann.


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Quest’ Opera mia ti dono col cor ò Madre Maria per pegno d’Amor.
Con l’Alma divota che dono à te del Canto lanota consagro al tuo piè.
L’offerta è vile Maria lo sò d’affetto humile un segno sol dò.


This work of art I give to you with my heart, O Mother Mary, as a symbol of my love.
With a devoted soul I make a gift to you of the notes of this song to lay humbly at your feet.
This offering is small, Mary, I know, a humble sign of my Love.

Translation: Alessia Todde