Famine Song, The

Program Notes:

Inspired by stories of Sudanese basket weavers, this song expresses the pain and hope experienced by those in the famine of the 1980s. In the midst of hardship, a wonderful new sense of creativity emerged when women began weaving baskets as a means of survival. American women’s vocal ensemble VIDA saw the two improvising voices in the central section as the voices of women from other cultures raised in empathy. We thank Seattle-based Carol Schouboe for her inspiring movement.

Conductor Notes:

SSAA a cappella with two mezzo soloists. This work took Elektra to new places with movement through the imaginative movement that Seattle-based music therapist Carol Schouboe brought to it. The movement was commissioned by Seattle-based conducto Giselle Wyers and the ACDA Northwestern Regional Convention High School Women’s Honor Choir in 2012. Contact me if you would like me to put you in touch with Carol.


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