Flos Regalis

  • Composer: Anonymous 
  • Canadian Work: No
  • Duration: 2:46
  • Sample Track:

Conductor Notes:

Found in Polyphonic Music of the 14th Century,vol 14. Contact Morna Edmundson for a score in the key as performed by Elektra.


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Flos regalis virginalis
chori dux egregia
quam de Jesse natam esse
stirpe constat regia.

Rosa fragrans primula vernalis
servos tuos libera de malis.

Rex te salem ad regalem
introduxit thalamum,
flos decoris et honoris
precellentis balsamum.

Tu glorie speculum solis umbraculum,
da famulis gaudium post hoc exilium.

English translation:

Royal, virginal flower
illustrious leader of the choir,
who art well known to be descended
from the royal offspring of Jesse,

O fragrant rose, O primrose,
free Thy servants from all affliction.

The king has conducted Thee
to the royal wedding room,

O flower of beauty and highly honoured balsam,
Thou, sunshade and mirror of glory,
give Thy servants joy after this exile.