Time of Christëmas, The

Program Notes:

The words come from this energetic piece come from 16th century England and have been set by many other composers. The piece exhorts the listener to join in heartily in the Christmas spirit – in this case, there are consequences for not doing so!

Conductor Notes:

SSAA and piano. Stephen wrote this boisterous, short piece at the encouragement of a member of Elektra who was wishing for something in our Christmas concert that was secular and up tempo. The result is 1:45 of crisp, exuberant singing and a very virtuosic piano that grows in harmonic complexity and bravura with each verse. This would be a great encore.


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Let no one come into this hall,
Be ye groom, page, nor yet marshall,
But that a song ye bring withal,
For now is the time of Christëmas.

If that ye say ye cannot sing,
Some other sport then shall ye bring,
That it may please at this feasting,
For now is the time of Christëmas.

If neither sport nor song ye know,
Then we shall ask no more, I trow,
But to the stocks then shall ye go,
For now is the time of Christëmas.

From the Commonplace Book of Richard Hill of London, early 16th century (alt.)