Two Eastern Pictures

  • Composer: Gustav Holst 
  • Publisher: Faber Music
  • Canadian Work: No
  • Duration: 6:00
  • Sample Track:

Conductor Notes:

“Spring” and “Summer”. Note that the recorded clip on this site is “Spring”


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Spring Spring the warrior hither comes, bowstring formed by rows of bees And his darts tipp’d with buds wound our hearts with sweet lovelonging. Now the trees put forth their flowers, on the lakes the lilies fair Show their heads midst the waves, melting hearts with sweet lovelonging. Summer The fierce glaring day is gone. Gentle night hath spread her mantle cool and refreshing, lit by rays of a thousand stars and by the golden moon. The moon shineth on yon roof. Here lie maidens crowned with jasmine, clad in silk raiment, on their ankles are rings that tinkle sweetly as they move. Wafted by jewel-covered fans, sweetest perfume floats o’er each breast. Song and harp unite with warbling birds to rouse from sleep the god of love. What fair maid can vie with spring? What sweet voice the cuckoo’s song? Or smiling teeth the jasmine’s hue? Or rosy lips the op’ning flowers? Bending down with blushing buds, flaming mango branches wave To and fro with the breeze, filling hearts with sweet lovelonging. And within the lotus flower dwells her love the murm’ring bee who with kiss and embrace satisfies her sweet lovelonging.