Conductor Notes:

This is an exciting piece for women’s choir and soprano saxophone, in which two high soprano soloists join with the sax in imitative solos over top of a robust choral texture. we were glad for the excellent sound files of the spoken Old Norse words provided by the composer. Some unconventional notation indicating swooping “breath” sounds are quickly understood by the choir. A very interesting and compelling addition to the repertoire.


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Text from the Poetic Edda, an ancient Norse text.


Then light shone
from Logafell,
and from that radiance
there came bolts of lightning;
wearing helmets
at Himingvani (came the valkyries).
Their byrnies (chainmail tunics) were
drenched in blood;
and rays shone
from their spears.

Three times nine maidens;
though one maide foremost rode,
bright, with helmed head.
Their horses shook themselves,
and from their manes there sprang
dew into the deep dales,
hail on the lofty trees,
whence comes fruitfulness to man.
To me all that I saw was hateful.