Conductor Notes:

The title means “northern lights”, also known as “aurora borealis”


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Virmalised virvendavad…

Valgeid hobuseid jookseb üle sinise põllu.

Kukub kerget lund üle karge talve.

Kusagilt kõlavad kellad üle kauge künka.

Rebastuled rebenevad…`

Taevas rebaseid jookseb tulega sabas

Hännad välguvad vilkalt ööga rütmis.

Virmalised virvendavad,

Virmalised vehklevad,

Virmaliste virr ja varr…

Akna all tütarlaps istub tumedas kleidis.

Virmalised virvendavad…


Northern lights are shimmering.

White horses are running over a blue field.

Light snow is falling over crisp winter.

Bells are sounding somewhere over the far hill.

Foxlights are tearing themselves apart.

Foxes are running in the sky, their tails fierey and

blinking swiftly in the rhythm of the night.

Northern lights are shimmering.

Northern lights are jousting.

A girl in a dark dress is sitting at the window.

Northern lights are shimmering.