Elektra's Voice

7:30 PM April 19th, 2008 at Ryerson United Church

Welcome! So what exactly is ‘Elektra’s Voice’? In this concert we have crafted a program that we hope will help answer that question. Choosing several Canadian and international composers, each with their own unique voice print, we feel we have discovered some remarkable compositions for Elektra’s sound. The repertoire, varied and challenging, captures the colour, the depth, the spirit and essence of this award-winning choir.

Included in the first half of the programme are several sacred works, two of which we proudly present as premieres: Beneath Her Heart by Rita Costanzi and Dare alla Luce by Larry Nickel. It is our pleasure to welcome back the remarkable talents of outstanding Vancouver violinist Nancy DiNovo, and of course where would Elektra’s Voice be without our remarkable pianist, Stephen Smith?

In the closing set, you will see us welcome to the stage seven talented high school singers – the participants in our first Mira Mentorship Program. These young women have been exemplary additions to our rehearsals over the past month. Our thanks to each of them, and to their parents and teachers who have made their participation possible.

We hope you enjoy our concert – we also hope you find ‘Elektra’s Voice’ contained within these great songs and that unmistakable sound surrounds and sings you all the way home. Our best to all of you, Morna and Diane


Nancy DiNovo Violin
Nancy DiNovo
Rita Costanzi Harp
Rita Costanzi
Stephen Smith Piano
Stephen Smith

Performance Pieces:

  1. Alleluia David Hamilton
  2. Beneath Her Heart Canadian Work Rita Costanzi
  3. Kyrie from Mass No. 6 Gyorgy Orban
  4. Dare Alla Luce Canadian Work Larry Nickel
  5. Gott in der Natur Franz Schubert
  6. Come dolce hoggi l’auretta Claudio Monteverdi
  7. Five Hebrew Love Songs Eric Whitacre
  8. Kaipaava Traditional Finnish Wurorela and Chydenius (arr) 
  9. Bottle of the Best, A Canadian Work Traditional English Stephen Hatfield (arr) 
  10. Sanctus/Benedictus from Mass No. 9 Gyorgy Orban
  11. Scarborough Fair Canadian Work Traditional English Stephen Smith (arr) 
  12. Shower of Rose, A Canadian Work Leslie Uyeda
  13. Spinning Wheel, The Canadian Work Traditional Irish Mark Sirett (arr) 
  14. Virmalised Veljo Tormis

Canadian Work Legend Canadian Work