It’s a birthday party… concert!

It’s not often that a group such as Elektra gets to pair a birthday party with a concert. But when the occasion is the 50th birthday of your beloved pianist who also happens to be a brilliant composer and arranger of choral music, you seize the chance! Dr. Stephen Smith, Elektra’s pianist of 15 years, is the featured artist in our upcoming concerts on March 5 and March 6, as Elektra and guest ensemble the Vancouver Men’s Chorus will sing an entire program of Smith’s compositions in a program entitled Your One and Only Life: The Choral Music of Stephen Smith. Whenever Elektra gets the chance to perform even just one piece of Smith’s it feels like ‘coming home’ – the music seems to sing itself – and so to perform an entire program feels like complete indulgence. We’re certain our audiences will feel the same way, as these lyrical and evocative compositions are as much of a pleasure to listen to as to sing! Please join the party on March 5 or 6 at Ryerson United Church. Tickets available through Tickets Tonight.