Tapestry International Festival of Women's Choirs 2015

7:30pm May 2nd, 2015 at St. Andrew's-Wesley United Church

Every three years, Elektra hosts a four-day gathering of women’s choirs in Vancouver. We collaborate as a massed choir on music from around the world, hear and learn from each other, celebrate the distinct voices of our ensembles, and share the experience in public concerts.

Our third Tapestry International took place in April/May 2015 with guest ensembles Cantus (Norway; Tove Ramlo-Ystad, conductor), Canzona Women’s Ensemble (San Luis Obispo, CA; Jill Anderson and Cricket Handler, co-conductors), and Esprit de Choeur (Winnipeg, MB; Valdine Anderson, conductor).

The repertoire below is only Elektra’s solo set in the Gala Concert (first three pieces listed) and the five massed choir selections, which were each selected and conducted by one of the five participating conductors. For details on what the other choirs programmed in the Choral Threads concert and Gala Concert, please download the program pdf.


In addition to the choirs, Elektra welcomed saxophonist Julia Nolan, who joined with pianist Stephen Smith to perform Astor Piazzolla’s Oblivion before the Corlis premiere, in which she was also featured.

The 12 singers of Mira, Elektra’s Youth Mentorship Program, participated as singers in all of the massed choir rehearsals and repertoire.

Performance Pieces:

  1. Birds’ Lullaby, The Canadian Work Timothy Corlis
  2. Valkyrie Canadian Work Kristopher Fulton
  3. Salva Me Canadian Work Catherine Laub
  4. maggie and milly and molly and may Joan Szymko
  5. Psalm 23 Franz Schubert
  6. Eatnemen Vuelie Frode Fjellheim
  7. Ave Maria Canadian Work David MacIntyre
  8. Magnificat Canadian Work Christine Donkin

Canadian Work Legend Canadian Work