Domnulet si domn din cer

Conductor Notes:

SSA a cappella. Sung in Romanian. The opening phrase of each verse of this lovely a cappella piece is in unison, blossoming to simple and effective harmony. We performed this in the round. We have a short audio file of a Romanian person speaking the text. Please contact us to have it emailed to you.


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This night is a great night,
Sweet little Lord and Lord in Heaven;
and this night is no ordinary night,
Sweet little Lord and Lord in Heaven;
For it is Christmas night,
The night of the ancient Christmas,
When the Holy Child was born,
The Holy Child here on Earth.

The Child is crying, He is restless,
In His mother’s arms,
We wish you good health,
May you all partake of well-being,
May Christ give you everything,
A long life, and health.

We walk along and sing a carol,
We wish these people all the best,
Sweet little Lord and Lord in Heaven;
Lord in Heaven.