Linus and Lucy

Program Notes:

This song epitomizes the message of peace and hope in the beloved 1965 animated movie “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.

Conductor Notes:

Unison or SATB with violin, cello, and piano. When we first performed this piece, it was in unison with classical string trio accompaniment. In 2012, with a mixed voice youth choir as our guests and the same instrumentation available, we took the opportunity to have Cam create an SATB arrangement to work with the existing instrumental arrangement. The choral parts have crunchy harmonies but are quite simple to sing. The entire arrangement starts and ends with the slow “Christmastime is Here” vocal piece. The middle section doesn’t involve the choir. It’s the classic, up tempo “Charlie Brown Christmas” theme song, which the audience loved hearing.


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Christmas time is here, Happiness and cheer, Fun for all that children call their favourite time of year. Snowflakes in the air, Carols everywhere, Olden times and ancient rhymes of love and dreams to share. Sleigh bells in the air, Beauty everywhere, Yuletide by the fireside and joyful mem’ries there. Christmas time is here, We’ll be drawing near, Oh that we could always see such spirit through the year.