Prayer for Peace

  • Composer: Abbie Betinis 
  • Publisher: Self-Published - contact the composer/arranger
  • Canadian Work: No
  • Duration: 4:35
  • Sample Track:

Program Notes:

Minnesota composer Abbie Betinis continues the Burt family’s tradition of writing carols as Christmas gifts. She writes “For my fourth annual Christmas carol, I looked to the Christmas sermons and political speeches of my great-grandfather, Bates Burt. In these writings, dating from 1940-1946, Bates speaks passionately about his hopes for a more loving world, his unwavering belief that a better peace exists, and wonders out loud whether we can each find that peace through the love inherent in the story of Christmas.”

Conductor Notes:

Prayer for Peace is a unison carol with string accompaniment. Scored for 2 violins, viola, cello and bass, Elektra performed this without the bass in November 2011 and again in 2012.


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Peace, the breath of peace is near, it calms and cheers,
As we with eyes of faith look backward through the years…
Peace, it was the Angels’ song when He was born,
Peace and Goodwill to all they sang, on Christmas morn.
Gloria et in terra pax… (Gloria and on earth peace…)

Lovely, oh so lovely, the reflected star,
The star of Hope in ev’ry eye that sought so far.
Far they sought to love him: Bethl’hem, Calvary,
That from their want and fear all people shall be free.
Gloria et in terra pax…

Softly, o’er the snow so softly comes the sign,
A better peace descends to us at Christmastime.
Softly, o’er the snow so softly, then is gone…
So we wait in hope, and fear, to see our century dawn.
Gloria et in terra pax…

Angels o’er the broken, spread your silver wings,
And help us to keep sacred all the love He brings.