Diane Loomer Choir

Next Offered: 24/25
Deadline: Until the designation has been made

The 23/24 Diane Loomer Choir is Little Flower Academy and their Choral Director, Marizza Mislang.  Congratulations, all!

Diane Loomer Choir Application and Program Guidelines

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Honouring the nurturing spirit of Elektra’s Co-Founder/Conductor of 22 years, the “Diane Loomer Choir” program is all about encouragement, sharing, and learning.

Each year, Elektra designates one lucky high school treble choir as its “Diane Loomer Choir”. In the past, only choirs in the Metro Vancouver area have been eligible for this designation, but we are offering innovative ways to include choirs from elsewhere in BC.

This is a free program, with the goal of bringing recognition to a choir within their school environment and the broader community. This process is not about identifying the “best” treble choir. It’s about recognizing where Elektra’s support would be impactful. The designation is for one school calendar year, or a portion thereof, depending on the timing of us finding each other! We look forward to hearing from you!

This program is on a first-come, first-served basis. If you’re a high school choir teacher looking to give your treble choir a boost, please consider applying to be the “Diane Loomer Choir”.

Diane Loomer Choir – Past Designates